About us
flag of canada and suriname crossed As a Canadian owned operation, SureCore’s strength has grown by focusing on small foot print diamond drills.

SureCore is committed to lowering environmental impact and providing a safe and healthy work environment. The SureCore Team has been built with a select group of exceedingly experienced management and operators. Gaining Global drilling experience throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa we have solutions to all your drilling needs.

why choose us?

Based in Paramaribo, Suriname; SureCore drilling currently owns eight drill rigs in five different models.The most recent addition to our fleet is a Custom track mounted diamond drill, designed to increase safety levels, lower support costs and provide our clients with the best of portability and power.

In addition to our assembly of drill rigs SureCore continues to design and develop technologies to lead the way.
SureCore offers turnkey packages for exploration projects through all stages to provide operation management, camp management, startup support and logistics.

“Think Global, Act Local”

During 2012 SureCore has employed over 100 Surinamese.

With increased growth, SureCore continues to support communities, strengthen the local economy and build long term relationships within Suriname.